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'Cairo Dawn' - Audio Drama

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'CAIRO DAWN' Full cast Audio Drama (running time approx 90 minutes)

The second installment in the trilogy, originally released in 2005  - now remastered and edited for digital release in 2018


When one of the sacred black marble slabs is stolen and being smuggled on the black market to Egypt, Anya Keen (Wendy Padbury) is sent out to hot, dusty Cairo to trace it. Once here she meets with an old contact of her father's, Harlequin Battleworth - who has knowledge and contacts in the secretive smuggling world. To help her The Commission have sent out another agent Lycka Tanner (Louise Jameson) and the two go back a long way...and not always in a good way!

As the two begin their investigations, their differences begin to rise to the surface; Keen is the perfect agent, ready for anything, Tanner is more used to afternoon tea and a gentle natter over a slice of cake.

The two must soon put aside their differences and their lives are threatened, not just by artifact smugglers, but by an ancient entity. Soon they are pitting their wits against this evil...but not all plans go the body count mounts, so Keen and Tanner themselves face death...quite literally!

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