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'Augury' - Audio Drama

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AUGURY - Full Cast Audio Drama (running time approx. 90mins)

Originally released on CD in 2003 - remastered and edited for digital release


When strange, ethereal lights are being seen in the dead of night, deep in the wilderness of Salisbury Plain, Mena Keel an agent from The Commission - an organisation set up to investigate and recover knowledge - played by Sarah Sutton (Nyssa from BBC TVs 'Doctor Who') is sent to recruit a disgruntled scientest Hayden Galico (Mark Strickson). After a string of bad luck, including having his funding cut into his research, Galico decides to accompany Mena Keel to the small village near to Old Divinity, an ancient burial mound.

Once here, their peaceful night is disturbed - but by what? And when they discover that an isolated old house lays at the intersection of ancient leylines. Who knows what is happening, Nan Chantres the village witch with second sight seems to know something, but everybody else seems hesitant to talk to them about the Hecatomb.

As the night unfolds...Galico and Keel find it's not just their own lives in danger...An ancient evil is seeking a way back...

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